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Inclusion & Diversity

Diverse minds. Brilliant ideas.

When people of every culture, background and lifestyle are valued and accepted, we build an environment that unleashes innovation and creates brighter lives for all. At DSM, we create value for our employees, customers, shareholders and the society by embracing different perspectives which empowers us to deliver more innovative solutions. Inclusion & Diversity is a journey we are on together, that requires us to continuously learn and to stand up for those who experience inequity and exclusion. Our mission is to overcome challenges and to create opportunities to ensure we are a workplace that’s inclusive for all.

Inclusion & Diversity

“When playing the piano, you need all the keys in order to play all the songs and for me diversity does the same thing. It allows us to have the full keys and then work on playing the right tune.”

Cristina MonteiroCristina Monteiro
Chief Human Resources Officer

I&D Pillars

Inclusive culture. Collaborative growth.

We want our people to be as diverse as the world itself. To achieve this, our business is anchored by 5 core I&D pillars that lay the foundation for how we drive change and become a more inclusive place to work.

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Employee Resource Groups

Different backgrounds. All welcome.

We have different Employee Resource Groups (ERG) that work closely with global colleagues to help us deliver on our I&D goals. The communities offer a safe space for our people from different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles and make them feel valued. So, no matter who you are or where you are from, you’ll find the support to reach your full potential here. Our ERGs include:

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Allyship at DSM

Speak up. Stand together.

At DSM, we strongly encourage everyone to be an ally and create meaningful change within the business by using their position of power and influence to take on the challenges and injustices faced by colleagues from different backgrounds.

Across the organization our employees join forces by supporting the ERGs as members and/or allies. A great example of this is our ‘Coming out as an ally’ campaign which launched in 2021, during pride month and received responses from colleagues across all functions and business groups. This is a clear message that our employees are committed to speaking out and working towards equality for all.

I&D for the future

Big plans. Bright future.

As economies slowly open up, the demand for talent from diverse backgrounds will rise. We’re asking ourselves important questions and building a roadmap to ensure we promote an inclusive and respectful culture that encourages people from every background to thrive.

2020-2024 I&D roadmap

Today’s goals. Tomorrow’s progress.

To shape a more inclusive business, we’ve created a four-year roadmap with clear steps towards achieving our I&D goals.

  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024