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At DSM, we use stunning science to solve the needs of today and tomorrow. Specializing in Health, Nutrition and Bioscience our business is led by one purpose – to create brighter lives for all.

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Are you a trailblazer or an advocate? An influencer or a collaborator? At DSM there’s a place for everyone. Find your perfect fit with the My DSM Personality quiz.
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Choose a maximum of three areas that best suit your skills and passions.
Communication and Branding
Innovation and R&D
Quality, SHE & Security
Supply Chain Management and Purchasing
Marketing & Sales
I believe the most impactful ideas come from
Appreciating different
Challenging the
status quo
Sharing my passion
with my team
When I'm faced with a challenge, I
Stay focused - remembering the people who will benefit from what I'm doing
Try to think outside-the-box to find a brilliant solution
Step up and drive the team to a result
I feel happiest when
I feel accepted for who I am - and so does everyone else
I know I'm delivering real value for real people
I have the freedom to try out new things
To me, sustainability means
Committing to continuous learning and growth
Looking to science for smarter, more efficient answers
Taking responsibility for our collective actions
The future excites me because
I want to shake up the way the world does things
I want to be able to solve society's biggest problems faster
I want to play my part in progress
I build strong relationships by
Giving everyone a safe place to speak up
Collaborating with others to develop together
Sharing the limitless potential of science
What gets you up in the morning?
The chance to connect
The chance to explore
The chance to improve
The chance to experiment
The chance to learn
The chance to lead
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